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Toolbox talk on ladder safety

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Ladder safety prevents falls from height when using a ladder. Falls from ladders represent the majority of fall injuries from elevation witnessed in the industry. 

Fall records from carpentry and residential construction work show that unstable ladders, slips and loss of the ladder footing contributed more to the falls. 

Incidents like falling from a ladder are preventable. Workers only need to follow the safety procedures when using a ladder. 

Neglecting the ladder safety will cause the worker to fall from a height. 

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What is a ladder?

ladder is a piece of climbing equipment having repeating steps (rungs) or bars between two upright lengths of metalwood, or rope to climb up or down anything.

Types of ladders.

  • Step Ladder
  • Twin Step Ladder
  • Steps Stool
  • Straight Ladders
  •  Platform Ladders
  • Extension Ladders
  • Folding Ladders
  •  Multipurpose Ladder
  •  Trestle ladders

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Ladder safety: What can you do to ensure ladder safety today?

  • Make sure you select the right ladder for the job.
  • Inspect the ladder from the source to ensure it’s in good condition.
  • Replace or repair a damaged ladder. 
  • While setting up the ladder, do it with care, and don’t use it to obstruct the walkway.
  • Place all straight ladders at a ratio of 4 to 1 to ensure their stability on the floor.
  • Extend the top of the ladder 3 feet above the landing edge if you plan to access a rooftop of an area from the ladder. 
  • When climbing or descending a ladder, always face the ladder.
  • Maintain three-point contact on the ladder at all times. Your three limbs must be on a ladder.
  • Do not carry an object up or down a ladder. Use a tool bag or belt if you want to do so.
  • Keep the areas around the ladder clean and clear of debris.
  • Do not allow more than one person to be on a ladder. 
  • Do not cover any wooden ladder with paint or with a coating.
  • Step ladder spreaders must be in good condition and be engaged in locking the ladder when mounted.
  • When you’re climbing a step ladder, do not climb more than the second step from the top. 
  • Do not climb higher than the third rungs of a straight ladder from the top.

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