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What causes black mould in the bathroom and how to prevent it

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What causes black mould in the bathroom, and how to prevent it

Black mould is a fungus that thrives in a moist environment. It has the potential to cause health issues. 

People should focus on how to get rid of it as soon as possible to prevent health issues from the black mould.

There are other kinds of mould aside from the black mould that can appear in the bathroom. However, the focus should be to make the bathroom free of them all.

Most times, it’s better to prevent mould from happening than remove it when it occurs since there is a saying that says prevention is better than cure. 

What is the common cause of bathroom black mould?

The warm-moist environment of the bathroom offers an opportunity for spores of the fungus to thrive. The moist environment is the perfect place for the mould to grow. The mould also grows where there is little or no ventilation.

What are the places you can encounter the black mould in the bathroom?

The places that you can encounter black mould in the bathroom include 

  • Cracks between the tiles.
  • Bathroom rugs.
  • Pipes. 
  • Leaky toilets.
  • Shower walls

How to prevent black mould in the bathroom

Black mould is often not easy to remove. It is the worst type of fungus that is in existence. It is often slimy. However, there are measures to prevent its growth in your bathroom.

Black mould prevention.

1. Leave your window open after every shower.

The black mould needs a warm-moist environment to thrive in. When you deprive it of that environment, it will not grow again. The fungus spores are everywhere in the air. They are looking for a moist environment to land in and take root.

2. Watch out for condensation.

Remove any condensation in your bathroom by allowing fresh air to enter your bathroom. Ensure that you have clean surfaces in the bathroom. The windows and the doors may occasionally be left open to allow air to flow in. Always wipe the areas around the shower to remove all forms of wetness. 

3. Install a bathroom fan.

Some bathrooms do have fans. Install one in your bathroom to remove the moisture in the bathroom environment. The fan also serves to remove odours away from the bathroom environment. The fan helps to remove water moisture from the air in your bathroom. 

4. Have a regular cleaning routine.

Create a routine on how to clean the bathroom. Do not skip any because this may allow the mould to thrive on days you did not do the cleaning. Therefore, pay attention to the cleaning schedule.

5. Provide a soap dish or storage rack.

If you don’t have a soap dish or storage rack in your bathroom, provide one to take care of the items in your bathroom. The soaps usually get scummy when you leave them in the bathtub porcelain. Allowing this can give a perfect environment for fungus to grow. The soap dish helps to place the soap in check and turn, offering less opportunity for mould to take hold.

6. Get a purifying plant.

Purifying plants has a way of reducing mould spores in the air. They are the easy-to-eradicate fungus spores in the bathroom. There are a lot of those plants you can see in the environment. They are snake plants, Chinese evergreen bamboo and so on.

7. Get a rinse-free formula for cleaning.

Rinse-free formulas are substances that don’t require you to add any further cleaning. You only apply it to any surface, and it’ll clean up the area. This spray helps to prevent mould from growing in the bathroom. 

8. Check out for cracked grout and replace it.

The cracked grout can easily trap moisture and offer an enabling environment for fungus to grow. Check out these cracked grouts and fill them with silicone. 

9. Wash your shower curtain regularly.

Ensure you wash your shower curtain regularly. Fungus grows in dirty shower curtains. To prevent the shower curtain from being a breeding ground for the black mould, always wash it regularly.

10. Wash your curtain liner regularly.

Your curtain liner can be a breeding ground for mould to grow. Regularly wash the curtain liner to prevent the bathroom mould from growing.

11. Wash your bath mats regularly.

Dirty Bath mats can be a breeding ground for fungus. Ensure that you wash it regularly. Doing this will prevent the fungus from growing in the area. 

12. Do not leave your wet towels on the floor.

Wet towels left on the floor can be a breeding ground for mould. Do not leave wet towels on the floor in the bathroom. In most times, mould can start to multiply within 24 hours. 

How do I get rid of black mould in the bathroom?

Black mould has a lot of health risks. It can cause respiratory problems, fatigue and even headaches. Adequate measures are needed to minimize and control its presence in the bathroom. The following should apply;

1. Ensure that you wipe all wet surfaces in the bathroom regularly. 

Mould always craves wet surfaces, so wiping wet surfaces will deprive them of that conducive environment to thrive in. 

2. Use an anti-mould paint additive.

Using an anti-mould paint additive in your bathroom can keep mould under watch. It is usually scrubbable and easy to apply. 

3. Use an anti mould wash.

Make provision for anti-mould wash for your bathroom cleaning needs. The wash can clean out mould from the bathroom.

4. Use of anti-mould condensation paint on the bathroom walls.

The anti-mould condensation paint will defend the wall against mould growth. It works by sealing the surfaces and adding a layer of protection against moisture. It is a paint that is scrubbable and easy to apply and maintain. 

How to get rid of black mould in the bathroom ceilings.

Moulds can grow on the bathroom ceiling. One of the reasons for this is because the moisture in the steam water rises and settles in it. Hence, the mould grows. You can remove the black mould from the ceiling by wiping it out with a bleach mixture. 

How to get rid of mould from bathroom tiles.

The best way to remove mould from the bathroom tiles is to apply a breach solution to the tile surface. You allow it to dry. After that, wipe it down with a wet cloth. 


Black mould is a health risk. So people should not allow it on the bathroom surfaces. The best one can do is to tackle it on time and remove it to prevent its growth. Remember that prevention is better than cure. Use the above ways to prevent the mould from growing in the bathroom. In addition, apply the ways to get rid of them when it has grown already.

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