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Toolbox talk

few tips on conducting a tool box talk

few tips to keep in mind when conducting a toolbox talk

Toolbox talks are safety presentations done on-site before the start of any work in the morning or start of any work shift. It could be called a tailgate meeting or a safety brief.

Normally, the presentation should be less than 10 minutes.

The talk highlights the job to be done, the hazards associated with the job and the safety precautions to be followed to prevent harm and ensure that the workers work safely on the job.

toolbox talk on excavation safety

Toolbox talk on excavation safety

Excavation safety is paramount, especially on a construction site. Most times, excavation occurs when there is a need to build a physical structure or lay a foundation. However, excavation collapse is the main excavation hazard. When there is an excavation collapse, the loose soil may… Read More »Toolbox talk on excavation safety