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OSHA Fire extinguisher requirements

OSHA Fire extinguisher requirements for employers

Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA has a series of requirements for fire extinguishers. These requirements guide fire extinguishers in any establishment, office or home. 

The fire extinguisher requirements (29 CFR 1910.157) apply to the placement, use, maintenance, and testing of portable fire extinguishers provided by employers for use at work.

Why ABC fire extinguisher do not respond to Class K fires Photo

Reasons why ABC fire extinguisher does not respond to class k fires?

ABC fire extinguishers, which contain dry chemical powder, are ineffective against Class K fires for a couple of reasons. Class K fires involve burning cooking oils and fats that reach higher temperatures than other liquid fires. An ABC extinguisher would struggle to quench such high-temperature fires due to its lack of adequate cooling power. Furthermore, the dry chemical powder only inhibits the combustion process and isn’t sufficient to fully extinguish Class K fires.

class k fire extinguisher abc fire extinguisher difference

What is the difference between a Class K Fire extinguisher and a Class ABC fire extinguisher? 

What is the difference between a Class K Fire extinguisher and a Class ABC fire extinguisher?  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have a list of fire extinguishers according to the fire classes available.  The fire extinguisher classes are named based on the fire… Read More »What is the difference between a Class K Fire extinguisher and a Class ABC fire extinguisher? 

fire extinguisher pressure gauge pointer

The Significance of the Fire Extinguisher Pressure Gauge Pointer

“Have you ever wondered what that little pointer on your fire extinguisher gauge actually means?
It holds the key to your safety! Our blog reveals the vital information behind the fire extinguisher pressure gauge pointer, unraveling its meaning and significance. Knowing how to interpret this essential indicator can make all the difference in a life-saving moment. Dive into our article to demystify this crucial aspect of fire safety and equip yourself with the knowledge you need. Your safety depends on it!”

fire extinguisher pressure gauge

Why CO2 fire extinguisher does not have a pressure gauge?

The pressure gauge is one of the parts seen in most fire extinguishers. For example, The pressure gauge is available in DCP and water fire extinguishers, but in CO2 fire extinguishers, the pressure gauge is unavailable. You’ll be wondering why was it possible. There are possible reasons why the pressure gauge is unavailable in Co2 portable fire extinguishers.

fire extinguishing methods photo

Mastering Fire Safety: Your Ultimate Guide to Three Life-Saving Fire Extinguishing Methods.

Want to be the hero in an emergency? Learn the top three fire-extinguishing methods that can save the day. From the classic fire extinguisher to clever home hacks, we’ve got you covered. Don’t wait for a fiery fiasco – check out our article now and become a fire-fighting pro! Your safety and peace of mind are just a click away

manual call point fire alarm

Manual call points: what does it do?

A fire alarm call point is essentially a small box containing a button that someone can press in case of emergency, and it will manually trigger the fire alarm in the building. They mount the fire alarm manual call point on a wall. The manual call point is also called the break glass or red manual call point. 

How often should you service fire extinguishers image

How often should you service fire extinguishers?

Fire extinguishers aid us in fighting a fire whenever there is a fire emergency. Every business is responsible for the safety of their premises, with that of workers and visitors at all times.

Provisions of adequate fire extinguishers in the company premises are among the ways every business owner protects the safety of the workers, visitors and the environment.

Fire extinguisher ball photo

Everything you need to know about a fire extinguisher ball

Everything you need to know about a fire extinguisher ball. A fire extinguisher ball is a round-shaped fire extinguisher used to extinguish a fire. It is called a ball because of its round shape. Just like every other fire extinguisher, it puts out the fire… Read More »Everything you need to know about a fire extinguisher ball