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Drilling machine safety toolbox talk

Drilling machine safety toolbox photo

Drilling machine toolbox talk

The drilling machine has a variety of uses for drilling in wood, ceramic, metal, plastic and any other surface and for impact drilling in concrete surfaces, stone and bricks and in driving in screws and loosening of screws.

There are various body parts of the drilling machine. They include-

  • Keyless chuck.
  • On/off switch
  • Battery.
  • Gear Selector.
  • Auxiliary handle.
  • Brush holder.
  • Allen key.
  • Soft grip.
  • Clamping band.
  • Screwdriver bit.
  • Screwdriver blade.
  • Cover lid.
  • Torque setting ring.
  • Rotational direction speed.
  • Locking Screw.
  • Universal Bit Holder.

Safety Precaution while using a drilling machine in the workplace.

  • Ensure that you keep the workplace clean and well-lit. Keep unwanted materials away from the workplace.
  • Ensure that you are not wearing loose clothing because it may cause entanglement.
  • Remove your clothes and your wear away from the moving part of the drilling machine.
  • Maintain a proper footing on the ground while using the machine.
  • Put the switch in the off position before putting the drilling machine in the power source or battery pack.
  • Your PPE is mandatory. Remember to make use of them.
  • Do not use a tool when you are tired.
  • Do not work under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Use your common sense when operating the drilling machine.
  • Ensure you use an extension cord meant for outdoor use when using the drilling machine for outdoor activities.
  • Do not abuse the cord and plug in the drilling machine.
  • Avoid exposing the power tools to rain or wet conditions.
  • Keep a barrier so that unwanted personnel do not near the place of the activities.
  • Ensure that you do not operate the drilling machine in an explosive atmosphere.
  • When using a drilling machine, ensure to use the correct one.
  • Avoid using a drilling machine if the switch does not turn it on.
  • Maintain the different parts of the drilling machine, especially the moving parts and check for any condition or damage.
  • Make sure you repair them before you do. Ensure that the cutting tools are Sharp, neat and clean all the time.
  • Make sure that all machine and ventilation slots are neat.
  • Whenever you want to make any adjustments to the drilling machine, it is good that you disconnect it from the power source. 

Safety Precaution while using a drilling machine in the workplace.

  • Always use the auxiliary handle in the drilling machine if it is available. 
  • Ensure that your workpiece is stable enough to prevent causing problems with the drilling machine. 
  • Ensure that the cable in the drilling machine is not damaged. 
  • If the drilling machine has a battery as its power source, ensure that the battery is the correct voltage for the drilling Machine. 
  • Always remember to inspect the drilling machine before using the doing these will help you to avoid any problems beforehand. 
  • Protect the drilling machine battery from heat and fire at all times. 
  • When using the drilling machine, always hold it firmly with both hands and secure yourself properly.

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