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Toolbox talk on take time

Take time tool box talk photo

Toolbox talk on take time

There are many things on site that the workers should be mindful of whenever they’re working because if they are not aware of them, an accident is likely to happen. One of the things you should do is to “take time” to do most of the activities on work site.

What are the activities you should take time to do to prevent accidents?

  • Take time to prepare your work.
  • Take time to determine what can go wrong in your work.
  • Ask for help whenever your work becomes so large or significant that you can’t handle it yourself.
  • Take time to conduct safety induction for workers.
  • Take time to do the necessary safety inspections in the workplace.
  • Take time to install all safety signages in the workplace.
  • Take time to supervise the activities of workers while working.
  • Take time to follow all HSE policies in your organization and ensure you pay attention to them for everything.
  • Take time to put on your seat belt whenever you want to drive in your vehicle.


Specific OSHA Standards from General Industry(29 CFR 1910)

How to calculate man hours in (hse) safety

Health Safety Security (HSS) Team Leader position

  • Take time to report any unsafe acts, on self conditions, and the near misses on site.
  • Take time to know your job effectively.
  • Take time to identify other conditions that can cause accidents in the workplace.
  • Take time to determine hazards associated with the work you are about to do.
  • Take time to remove all the trip hazards in the workplace.
  • Take time to document the necessary HSE records in the workplace.
  • Take time to observe good Housekeeping where you are working.
  • Take time to wear the correct  PPE while working.
  • Take time to educate your workers on safe work procedures. 


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