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What you need to know about welding grinder revolution

The things you need to know about the welding grinder revolution and how the latest welding grinder technologies enhance weld grinding for increased efficiency 

Welding grinders have emerged as indispensable tools for metalworkers, offering precision and efficiency in the crucial task of weld grinding. These versatile devices have become synonymous with pursuing excellence in the welding company.

Knowing about welding grinders is essential for effective metalworking. These tools make weld grinding easy, giving accuracy and speed. The progress is evident from old hand grinding to today’s advanced grinders.

loto procedure image

The loto procedure that every safety officer should know

LOTO PROCEDURE means lock out tag-out procedure. A procedure that ensures that all energy sources such as pneumatic, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, thermal, or other sources are closed to prevent any accidental release from them during maintenance or repair work. Mainly before the start of any maintenance or repair work on equipment.