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forklift safety on loading dock

6 Smart Ways to Boost Forklift Safety and Increase Efficiency at Loading Docks & Worksites

A forklift is a bulky and potentially heavy industrial vehicle to be operated carefully. More so, Loading docks are the essential hub for manufacturing plants, distribution centres and warehouses. They play a pivotal role in terms of loading and unloading freight.

Toolbox talk on forklift safety

Toolbox talk on Forklift Safety.

Forklifts are heavy-duty machines. Driving a forklift is not like you’re driving a regular car. A car is a balanced four-point suspension system. A forklift is a three-point suspension system that is unbalanced. lots of dangers occur when using forklifts on loading docks and in… Read More »Toolbox talk on Forklift Safety.