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underground cable photo

Toolbox talk on working near underground cables.

Underground cables are cables laid under the ground. They are not visible to people. Live underground cables pose a safety risk during unplanned and poorly managed excavations in an area. Poor management of excavation around underground cables may result in fatal consequences, and disruption of that utility will have devastating consequences for the people using it.

struck by hazard toolbox talk

Toolbox talk on struck-by hazard

Each day, construction workers are hit by hazards. These hazards include vehicles, wood, tools, work materials, etc. And it’s called a “struck-by hazard” in the construction industry.  Struck-by injuries accounted for nearly one in five construction workplace fatalities.  However, there are many laws and regulations… Read More »Toolbox talk on struck-by hazard

toolbox talk on excavation safety

Toolbox talk on excavation safety

Excavation safety is paramount, especially on a construction site. Most times, excavation occurs when there is a need to build a physical structure or lay a foundation. However, excavation collapse is the main excavation hazard. When there is an excavation collapse, the loose soil may… Read More »Toolbox talk on excavation safety