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fire extinguisher pressure gauge

Why CO2 fire extinguisher does not have a pressure gauge?

The pressure gauge is one of the parts seen in most fire extinguishers. For example, The pressure gauge is available in DCP and water fire extinguishers, but in CO2 fire extinguishers, the pressure gauge is unavailable. You’ll be wondering why was it possible. There are possible reasons why the pressure gauge is unavailable in Co2 portable fire extinguishers.

fire extinguishing methods photo

Mastering Fire Safety: Your Ultimate Guide to Three Life-Saving Fire Extinguishing Methods.

Want to be the hero in an emergency? Learn the top three fire-extinguishing methods that can save the day. From the classic fire extinguisher to clever home hacks, we’ve got you covered. Don’t wait for a fiery fiasco – check out our article now and become a fire-fighting pro! Your safety and peace of mind are just a click away

nebosh conference 2023 photo

Nebosh online conference 2023

Nebosh has opened the registration for the 2023 Nebosh online conference. The conference is going on Tuesday, 21 November 2023. 

The conference will be a meeting point for industry experts and professionals from health and safety, technology, mental health, communication and OSH strategy.

The seasoned speakers for the

toilet hygiene restroom hygiene photo

How to maintain good toilet hygiene

The toilet is a humid area with the potential for germs and bacteria to thrive on them. These bacteria, like Salmonella and E. coli, can exist in toilet areas like the seat, floor, flush, door handle, and brush. The toilet usually has a foul odour due to the action of the bacteria that absorbs the toilet’s organic waste and releases the odour gas. 

Sometimes, it becomes an unbearable odour for those using the toilet. The area can become extremely dirty and a breeding ground for diseases. And this is more reason why good toilet hygiene is vital.

bathroom mould black mold photo

What causes black mould in the bathroom and how to prevent it

  What causes black mould in the bathroom, and how to prevent it Black mould is a fungus that thrives in a moist environment. It has the potential to cause health issues.  People should focus on how to get rid of it as soon as… Read More »What causes black mould in the bathroom and how to prevent it

home safety tips for everyone

39 Top Home Safety Tips Everyone Should Know.

Home safety tips ensure the risk of harm and potential dangers are minimized as low as reasonably practicable. The safety risks in the home can cause damage to household items and destruction of lives and properties in the environment.

Engaging in home safety tips will prepare you to have a sound knowledge of the risks and what to apply to prevent those risks from causing problems in the home.

Home safety involves the identification of hazards in the home, evaluating those hazards and their risk of harm and damage and applying acceptable safety standards to them.

loading company wales

Haulage company fined after a worker dies from injuries. 

A 63-year-old worker was preparing a load of trailers in his lorry for delivery to a site in Germany. While at that, he climbed to reach the top of his lorry. He had one foot on the loading bay and one foot on the back of another lorry. 

The worker had fallen from that height of 1.25 metres onto the concrete floor when the adjacent lorry was driven away. He sustained a head injury and later died at the Royal Stoke Hospital on 16 May 2020.

entertainment industry safety artiste

Safety concerns for artistes working in the entertainment industry

All actors, dancers and musicians are human beings. They have their physical body. The human body can sustain an injury when not protected enough. The artiste exposes their body during stunts, performances, and rehearsals. They can sustain an injury from these activities. 

The series of questions from this part should be, are there measures in place to prevent musculoskeletal issues and injuries during any of these activities?

manual call point fire alarm

Manual call points: what does it do?

A fire alarm call point is essentially a small box containing a button that someone can press in case of emergency, and it will manually trigger the fire alarm in the building. They mount the fire alarm manual call point on a wall. The manual call point is also called the break glass or red manual call point. 

work at height risk assessment photo

A step-by-step guide on how to write a work-at-height risk assessment 

Work-at-height risk assessment is a tool that helps to guide work-at-height activities. It is an integral part of the safety management system. The work at height risk assessment identifies the hazards, considers those that might be harmed, and shows adequate control measures

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