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ROLE: HSEC Manager

Location: Nigeria 

Contract duration: 18 months 

Schedule: Full-time 

About the Company.

A start-up energy company with a mission to deliver innovative integrated energy solutions and be a leader in providing cleaner, cheaper, and more reliable power for all customers, impacting lives and economic growth. We are currently moving into the implementation of a project in Nigeria and are hiring its local team to deliver this project. We are recruiting for an HSEC to join our project for 18 months. You will be responsible for environmental, health, safety, and social management and for managing compliance with legal and other requirements relating to the project company’s activities and operations. In parallel, the HSSE Manager will implement the Community Development Programme.

General Responsibilities for the HSEC Manager role.

  • Develop, draft, implement, and maintain an Environmental and Social Management System (“ESMS”) and EHS management plans, policies, and procedures in line with legal, investor, and other requirements and project documents. 
  • Manage a Health & Safety (H&S) policy and the required procedures and processes for effective health and safety management to satisfy legal and other requirements, including those specified by the project’s investors. 
  • Manage and take ultimate responsibility for the HSEC aspects of all project activities, including all those occurring on-site and ancillary and off-site activities (including but not limited to off-site transport) to satisfy legal and other requirements, including those specified by the project’s investors. 
  • Manage HAZOPs/HAZIDs and other risk analyses and project risk registers, including all project risks occurring on-site and about ancillary and off-site activities. 
  • Provide input to project design to ensure HSEC-related controls are adequately incorporated and comply with international safety standards/technical specifications. 
  • Evaluate contractor HSE documentation and systems and provide input into selecting the EPC contractors and other contractors to be appointed by the company. 
  • Ensure that EPC and other contractors comply with the company’s policies and management plans. Conduct a training needs assessment, compile a training calendar, and design and deliver or oversee HSEC training to internal staff and contractors. 
  • Procure, liaise with, and manage the performance of consultants conducting HSSE-related work as required to make sure it is being undertaken by project company and investor requirements.
  •  Manage ongoing stakeholder engagement and consultation at corporate and project levels as required about the company’s activities and operations, including liaison with regulators, local development agencies, NGOs, project-affected persons, etc. 
  • Manage E&S permit requirements and make sure they are up to date and renewed as required. Develop and implement the contractor management plan, ensure that contractors and sub-contractors abide by the relevant procedures, and evaluate performances regularly.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of the Construction – Environmental and Social Management Plan. Prepare a project-dedicated CSR program and community development action plans in line with Project requirements and project available budgets. 
  • Conduct appropriate needs assessments to inform the action plans. Manage the on-site H&S / Community Liaison Officer. Lead recruitment efforts as required. 

Requirements for the HSEC Manager role

  • A bachelor’s degree is required in a relevant discipline (e.g., safety engineering, civil or electrical engineering, or H&S risk management). 
  • Holder of the relevant certification in Occupational Health and Safety or HSE. At least 8-10 years of dedicated experience in an HSE-related supervisory role in a construction work environment. 
  • Experience with EHS management, impacts, and risks in electricity distribution, renewable energy projects, and infrastructure.
  • Experience applying Good International Industry Practice (GIIP) and International Lenders standards for EHS management to projects, including IFC PS (2012) and WB EHS Guidelines.
  • Proficiency in written and oral English language. Proficiency in Hausa is preferred. Strong planning, analytical, problem-solving, and organization skills, and an ability to work and communicate logically and systematically. 
  • Highly motivated and results-driven, capable of maintaining high effectiveness in a multi-task role, managing priorities, and delivering to deadlines. 
  • Ability to lead teams and manage change in organizational settings. 
  • Willingness to spend significant time on project sites. The next step: We have an exceptional team in place, and we are pleased to be able to appoint a further person to our growing business. 
  • We are aware that you may not ‘tick all the boxes’, but if you believe you can genuinely offer some valuable skills and experience to our business, 

If interested in the job, apply with this link. 

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