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OSHA Training Courses: Does OSHA 10 expire?

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Does OSHA 10 expire?

Occupational Safety and Health Administration US, or OSHA, has many authorized courses people can take to gain knowledge depending on the subject. And OSHA 10 Training is one of those courses. 

What is OSHA 10 Training?

OSHA’s 10-hour Training is on basic safety and health information for entry-level workers in construction management and the general industry. It is equally part of the OSHA outreach training program, which explains serious workplace hazards, workers’ rights, employers’ responsibilities, and how to file an OSHA complaint. 

The OSHA 10-hour Training can be done online, and an Official OSHA 10 card from the US Department of Labour (DOL) will be issued after that. OSHA 10-hour Training is a common requirement for those seeking employment in the construction industry. 

Does everyone need OSHA 10-hour Training?

The courses are mainly designed for those seeking an entry-level job in construction and general industry. In some states in America, it is mandatory. For those workers who perform new construction operations or repairs, this course is meant for them. 

For those in the agriculture and maritime industry, the OSHA considers them as belonging to the general industry, too, so they are recommended to do the course for themselves. Another course is called OSHA 30-hour Training for supervisors and other workers with safety responsibilities. 

The online OSHA 10-hour courses will require an OSHA-authorized trainer to handle the course with interactive sessions for the students to learn effectively.  

How do I Obtain an OSHA 10 DOL Card?

This card will be given to you when you have completed your OSHA 10 hours of Training, but before the card arrives, you must have gotten your certificate of completion, which is downloadable online, while waiting for the OSHA 10 DOL card. In most cases, the OSHA 10 DOL card is delivered by mail. 

Benefits of OSHA 10 CARD?

Obtaining your OSHA 10 card after completing your Training is always a joy. OSHA 10 Card proves to your employer that you have completed 10 hours of authorized OSHA training on critical safety. Most students who undergo the class will be provided with industry-specific knowledge and skills to prevent injuries and make the workplace very productive.

Do OSHA 10-hour Cards Expire?

OSHA 10 Card does not expire, but some employers may want to accept cards that are up to date, and they may be required to retake the course every 3 to 5 years in order to stay updated with the current trend in the industry and with OSHA safety standards. However, if the card was issued five years ago, some employers may want to avoid accepting it. 


All Safety training has many benefits, not just OSHA courses Training. Training puts people ahead of what they should do to be safer and productive while at work. If you have found yourself in the construction industry or general industry, taking this course will be the right step in the right direction for you. 


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