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The Key 5 Questions to ask during an incident investigation

Incident investigation at the workplace is a structured activity carried out by responsible persons to get to the root cause of an incident. More so, It unravels the mystery behind every incident at the workplace. 

An incident investigator uses a sequence of questions to unravel the causes of the incident. The right question structure helps to arrive at the root cause. 

So, to get to the root cause, the incident investigator should ask the following questions during the investigation and is more likely than ever to get to the fact of the incident.

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Near miss reporting for accident prevention

Near-miss reporting is giving out information concerning a near miss the moment it happens by the employees. Some organizations have formal ways of near-miss reporting by using forms, emails etc. But the main thing is that a near miss was not left unreported. 

Most times, workers are not ready to report a near miss because of blame or because they are afraid of being punished when they do so. Near-miss reporting should be natural for all workers to do. The management has to reassure the workers of their support and not be blamed in such an exercise and even encourage them.

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What is the difference between the HSE manual and the HSE plan?

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